Digital MPs

Keeping constituents informed with email newsletters

Email newsletters are a great way to keep constituents informed about their MP’s activities in Parliament and the constituency. Digital tools can be used to create targeted updates for specific groups as well as general updates. They can also collect information to inform newsletter improvements.

Our MPs already use email newsletters to communicate with their constituents. They use a variety of platforms including Mailchimp and NationBuilder to send out correspondence to mailing lists of over 500 contacts, providing updates on campaigns, speeches in Parliament and constituency visits.

One MP also uses their email newsletters to target particular groups, recently sending out a business survey to local business owners.

We gave our MPs practical tips on good email newsletters including advice on regularity, structure, personalisation, content, images, calls to action and social media promotion.

Top tips for an effective email newsletter:

  • Personalise your greeting and the subject line. Use a digital signature for sign-off and include images which display your activities within the mailing.
  • Have a short email newsletter structure, links to social media pages and a strong call to action to encourage recipients to get in touch.
  • Segment your mailing list and create specific newsletters for different groups such as for businesses, community organisations, and party members.
  • Display a sign up form on your website and share the link on social media.
  • Have a scheduled mail-out date and ensure that email newsletters are sent out around this time.
  • Always remember to inform, educate and entertain with your email newsletter!