Digital communities

Digital Zone in a Box

We'd like to create a Digital Zone in a Box to give local authorities and community groups everything they need to set up their own basic digital skills support locally.

Doteveryone has an idea to co-design and pilot a ‘digital zone in a box’ to be used by local authorities and community groups to support people to gain basic digital skills.

During our pilot programmes in Croydon and Lewisham, communities and councils across the UK have asked for support in replicating our Digital Zone approach. We'd like to work with partners to create and test a reproducible and easy-to-use kit that can turn offices, community centres, shops and cafes into Digital Zones.

We will draw inspiration from other similar starter kits and initiatives such as the ideasbox for refugees, Adobe Kickbox, Macmillan’s coffee morning kit, hackathon in a box and Dementia Friends.

To develop the box we will need to research and answer a range of questions including:

  • How will we recruit and support digital champions to staff the Digital Zones?
  • What standard training material and resources should they use?
  • What equipment should we provide?
  • What connectivity should we provide?
  • What technical support should we provide?
  • How can organisations sponsor a Zone?
  • How should organisations promote their Zones?
  • How can organisations evaluate the effectiveness of their Zones?
  • How can digital champions share knowledge, experiences and best practice?
  • How can we continuously improve and update the box?

We would like our partners and organisations with experience of running Digital Zones and other basic digital skills training initiatives to get involved and help us to pilot a Digital Zone in a Box that can then be used across the UK. Get in touch if you can help support this work: [email protected].

A photo showing digital champions at the Croydon Age UK Get Online Week techy tea party
Image: Creating a Digital Zone in a Box could provide materials to support digital champions